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Colm Fitzpatrick Launches  
New EP - If


“…understated and smoky … a sincerity that endears itself to the listener”

Pure M Magazine


Colm Fitzpatrick is thrilled to launch his debut EP - If, which is now available for download across all digital platforms. If demonstrates why he is being touted as the next stand-out singer songwriter from Cork to garner national and international attention . Be it the haunting Hang 'em High, the lullaby-esque Moon Child or the foot stomping, ukulele thumping Choices, Fitzpatrick is a musician who clearly insists on avoiding facades and focuses on being himself from start to finish. Produced by industry experts Larry Hogan and Joe Egan of the Dublin Studio Hub, If oozes quality on all fronts. A must listen!


Along with the incomparable content of the album, we are also drawn to the engaging artwork of the sleeve. The result of a hugely successful and creative crowd funding campaign with local start up, CrowdSound. The artwork shows his family cat, Dali, with her notable moustache but on closer inspection we see that the image of the cat is made up of countless selfies of the many people who supported Fitzpatrick’s campaign. Fitzpatrick, in his own way, is offering his voice and inimitable sound to his fans – unadulterated in every way on this album both musically and artistically.


If is what the market has been calling out for, a talented and independent Irish singer songwriter who is willing to own his own style. If has received radio play on NewsTalk Radio, Cork's 96Fm and Red Fm and Dublin's 98Fm, Bobby Kerr summed Colm's sound up in one word "Amazing".


About Colm:


Colm Fitzpatrick, award-winning singer and songwriter, has enriched the music scene with his gifted ability to speak to the soul with a diverse and eclectic range of genres and styles of music, from the sweetest lullabies to the darkest of melodic outpourings. An accomplished and versatile composer and classical guitarist, Fitzpatrick’s work is inimitable in its ability to bring the listener on a rousing and, often, emotional journey.


With his new album unveiled, the present is an exciting and busy time for this incomparable musician.


His bluesy vocals and tender style are enshrined by his expressive and tasty guitar and ukulele playing delivering a sound reminiscent of Nick Drake and Rufus Wainright. His vibrant and heart-felt music incorporates a plethora of emotions and story-telling that engages audiences whom are as likely to laugh with him as to be held in attentive silence. His debut single Simple Loving was described as 'a beautifully crafted acoustic guitar-driven song' and was awarded 4.5 out of 5 by Pure M Magazine. His performances and engaging stage presence have won him praising reviews from John Spillane, Paul Linehan of The Frank and Walters, and Dick Dixon, director of The Warwickshire Folk Festival along with being a three-time award winner at the esteemed Cork Folk Festival Song Contest.


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Published on 7th December 2016

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