Singer Songwriter:

Colm Fitzpatrick, multi award-winning singer and songwriter, has a gifted ability to speak to the soul with a diverse and eclectic range of genres and styles of music, from the sweetest lullabies to the darkest of melodic outpourings. An accomplished and versatile composer, classical guitarist and ukulele player, Fitzpatrick’s work is inimitable in its ability to bring the listener on a rousing and, often, emotional journey.

The title track of his debut EP, 'If',  was selected as's 'Song of the Day' with several tracks receiving national airplay.  The result of a hugely innovative and successful crowd funding campaign, 'If' demonstrates his sheer range of potential and originality. The provocative video for If offers an insight into the depth of this young musicians mind.

His bluesy vocals and tender style are enshrined by his expressive and tasty guitar and ukulele playing delivering a sound reminiscent of Nick Drake and John Martyn. His vibrant and heart-felt music incorporates a plethora of emotions and story-telling that engages audiences who are as likely to laugh with him as to be held in attentive silence.

'Amazing' - Bobby Kerr - Newstalk 106-108FM

'A beautifully  and soothing voice' - John Barker - Dublin 98FM

'Incredible song writing' - Alan Donovan - Corks Red FM


Trust –

On the eve of my wedding, after months of planning, our families were sitting around the restaurant table, enjoying the excitement of our big occasion. At 10.30pm, amid laughter and conviviality, I received a Facebook message from our musicians saying that they could no longer play at our wedding. Without much of a reason, and with a commitment now reversed, my wife and I were left short – too late to arrange another musician and just enough time to cobble together a Spotify playlist.

As a musician, who frequently plays at events, and organises them, I honour my commitments. From my own experience, I understand how upsetting it is when the musician doesn't show. When you choose me for your wedding, know that I value your trust and will honour it. If you want me to just show up on the day, I´m there. If you want to meet or talk beforehand, I´m available. If you want your own song, I´ll compose and perform it. If you want me to take care of it all, done. This is your day and as far as I see it, my job is to enhance it.

"So easy to work with!" - Wedding Angels Marbella

"Impressive!" - Dave James -

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